Christian Flack

Web Professional, snappy dresser and pretty awesome guy

who loves to code

Greetings, Visitor!

I am happy you paid my little corner of the web a visit! Sadly, I am still working on a more extensive version of my site and it might take me a little while longer. On this page you will get a very brief introduction to who Christian Flack is, what it is I do and what I like doing, too.

3 sentences about me

Christian Flack is my name, not my full name, but it is what I go by and you really do not need to know my middle name. I love technology, web technology specifically, and I have been working on websites for about half my life. I live in Hamburg, Germany and spend most of my time working as a web developer for one of the (or it might actually be the) biggest european publishing companies.

My weapons of choice

So, what do I work with? Primarily, at my current position, I am what some people call a full stack-developer. In general this means I do everything. I do PHP, Symfony 1 (well, legacy code, what are you gonna do?), Javascript, jQuery, CSS, HTML (HTML5 even), XHTML, MySQL and some other stuff.

But since being a web professional is not all about the job, I do of course, spend some of my free time learning new things. What excites me most currently is Symfonfy2 in the PHP world, Python, Scala and the whole world of DevOps.
From a more language agnostic point of view, I would say, that I am getting into data analysis and (to use another buzzword) Big Data. Generally speaking, I love new things. I love learning about new tech, getting the hang of new languages and figuring out how to do certain thing. I am not really the perfect programmer, in none of the above mentioned languages, I would say that I keep the big picture in mind and deal more in technological concepts than in actual implementation.

Some other stuff you might want to know

When I don't sit in front of a computer screen, I like stories, which I read or watch or listen to. As a nerdy geek I do love Sci-Fi, of course, Fantasy is also found several times on my bookshelves both actual and digital. But not all I do is based on sitting, I like the outside world and visit it frequently. I try to stay at the very least remotely in shape and do all sorts of things I am currently unable to name.